Tuesday, 21 June 2011

something nice

check these bad boys out!
today i bought a new pair of converse...they are unique as they are labeled slightly wrong, but i love them all the same and dont think i want to change them even though they dont match. > > > > > >

today i also bonded with my sister over cutlery. yes cutlery... you see for dinner i was having roasted veg and whilst they were cooking the cutlery was placed on the side ready for use. anyway dani,one of my sisters, picked them up gave me a look and got into position and said 'lets do the parent trap' ( for those who may not know what that is it is a film and in a section of it the step mum feels paranoid that a bear or some creature is going to get her she stars wacking sticks together to get them away, so yeah we re-created this moment for our own amusment ! anyway she began to move across the room tinging the knife and fork....

and off course i joined in

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