Wednesday, 27 July 2011

so you secretly like children and i secretly like animals...(well kittens)

she may have gone to nice family ( i say nice because thats what my friend told me ) i tried to think that way but when i looked into the cage where she once lived and noticed she was gone i dramatically walked out of the room...i was crushed

susan..... who knew i would become attached to something so little and something so pet like.

i never thought i would like an animal. but i guess things change. i can now see myself maybe one day with one...who'd have thought it ay?!
and i agreed to keep her a unknown

so i like kittens almost as much as my friend secretly wants children...?!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

i survied my first festival

to be honest i was worried before i went..the camping.the toilets,the lack of sleep, showering and general worry that something of mine might have got stolen.

well before we even left i had lost my fest phone...and i still cant find it - its a  complete mystery. it has DISAPPEARED !!!! so this was a great start, but i wasnt going to let it get me down, i took it a sign that i wasnt meant to be able to contact the outside world or even check the time. AND then when we arrived and had eventually put up the unstable tent i found out that my memory card in my camera was broken so i had 17 pictures that i could take- BRILLIANT. i love photos. ( thank goodness my friends had their own )

im not going to turn around say that i enjoyed the whole experience...but the majority and i will try my best to not think and dwell on the fact that i was separated from my friends for over three hours and had no way of contacting them as the security guards were absolutely useless.

my favourite parts of the festival were the playhouse acts and one hour plays  and the tea temple - i was sooo relaxed... i didnt have a care in the world !

chilin' in the tea temple

i have also came away liking more artists for example, dog is dead and alpines.
alpines  - lights.