Wednesday, 27 April 2011

capturing the great outdoors.

right well i have set myself a new project amongst my others, this one is pretty much individual and consists of me taking photos and adding other arty things ...

tonight i have been out snapping and ropped my sisters into joining me, they secretly love me dragging them around fields and getting slightly lost on the trip to the woods. anyway tonight i allowed them to take some photos which is quite generous considering it is a very expensive camera. anyway...

i started taking photos again, becuase it is something i have always enjoyed, and have been told am good at. i want to find some inspiration for promoting the 'arts' so i thought the best place to start would be outside with nature.

 NATURE which is pretty self explainitory.

slight obsession with capturing the tree from underneath... i find it interesting and very facinating.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

is it too much to ask ?

a concern for me has always been how to stand out and yet still be myself.. i have spent many years trying new looks and setting trends along the way that have sometimes not always felt like 'me', whatever that is meant to feel like ! - maybe in years to come i will have that established.

anyway as stated in my previous blog i have always had at least one friend called jade. now to many people that would be normal sharing your name with a girl/boy in the same school.try having two others in you primary class ...and having someone you consider to be one of your best friends your entire life and growing up called jade. i always accepted it, as it was the norm. ... now it may be selfish and dont get me wrong i am okay with having two jades in my class at college,( yes TWO more, it looks to me like a re-occuring theme ) i wouldnt not want them there just so i could be the only 'jade', but sometimes i wish i could be seen as an individual not just as 'other jade', or 'little jade' etc.etc. the names go on and on... now i guess i appreciate the nick names, because ,at least i am slightly myself  but it wouldnt hurt to be allowed to be known as just plain jade.

this is getting a bit deep and is pulling me down writing it. but the torment will be over shortly.

it wasnt till the other day that i realised why i strive to be unique and wear  'sillly' shoes in order to look different ! i have always felt like i wasnt quite important enough to have my own identity, but i have now realised there are more to people than their name. i have always considered myself to be a good ( the dreaded word that i stare at on my screen whenever i type it in any document, hoping that a 'better' another fabtastic word, will come to me ) judge of character and the fact that i am always friends with fellow jades might just mean that im not bad of a person.

this blog hasnt really acheieved much, other than paint me to look like a spoilt m whiney, stuck up my own bottom, self absorbed girl  called jade , which was the most common girls name in 1992, which is obviously the year i was born.

ps just to top it all off all the jades i have been friends with, have always been older than me, so i cant even say that they copied me becuase that would be lying - two things that i dislike hugely.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

today was one of those special days...

recently i have been thinking about things... now if you know me you will know that this isnt uncommon but this time it made me see things in a totally new way, and eventually it was actually positive.

i have a lot to thank elisabeth sladen for, now i wont pretend that i was her biggest fan, but dont get me wrong i thought she was a great actor and appeared to be a lovely lady, but when i heard the sad news about her passing, my heart sunk, i realised that i would never get to see her on doctor who ever again. and it made me think and realise that life is short and making the most of the good and bad thinsg that life throughs at you is very important to cherish every moment.

on a lighter note... today i met up with a young girl who happens to have the same first name,which isnt uncommon for me to befriend someone with the same name, it has been a normal occurance, i cant  think of a time in my life where there wasnt a jade i was friends with, anyway that stories for a different day, or at least a different blog.

today... we met up to discuss work - well at least that was my intention ! she took me on a little shopping trip and that was when the discussion that would make me think began.  
very much like the start of the blog our disscussion contained our outlook on life etc. and all that depressing stuff that goes along with it. today i realised the very reason i am friends with this lovely human and the reason why, much to my disgust i do need human beings in my life.

it might sound soppy but i feel like i am finally on the path to self discovery and by talking with intelligent and/or interesting people i feel like i am one step further on doing so. i realised how vital it is to have things in common and how lovely it is to have differences. its not only humans that i find so incredible but nature, and antic shops.the tree we sat under, and the picture i would upload with the blog if i knew how ha.was just beautuful and the lovely things we found in the shop. 

there was a negative end to my day that i will take as a postive and that was that it was over as my car ticket ran out , silly me for only putting three hours on my car.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

trying new things

now all this technical stuff is pretty new to me and i guess i'll properly mess this blog up too. i've never been the most academic and the brightest bulb in the box...

this is my first blog and i have no idea what it is meant to include so i guess this is just a trial and if it turns out 'bad' i'll just delete it before anyone has the chance to read it.

today its sunny and i've been indoors and when i first think about it, i feel like i have achieved very little, but in fact i have signed up to youtube and signed up to my first blog... and to me that ut us fact quite an achievement as i have spent hours even days trying to find out how to do both, but leaving it to fate i have just stumbled over them both in a matter of minutes.

moving onto something more interesting hopefully ;

i feel like i have acheieved and learnt so much since september when i started a foundation degree at a local college. i had been there for the two years previously and i intially carried on there our of fear. ... although i think the scarest thing was in fact staying there. every lesson, evey day i am being tested and being allowed to grow as a person. it has been the best decision i have ever made.

now by trying new things i am now finding out who i am and who i want to be !

now this blog doesnt really follow a great theme and reading through it you may find yourself getting lost but im hoping i didnt do  that bad of a job.