Saturday, 23 April 2011

today was one of those special days...

recently i have been thinking about things... now if you know me you will know that this isnt uncommon but this time it made me see things in a totally new way, and eventually it was actually positive.

i have a lot to thank elisabeth sladen for, now i wont pretend that i was her biggest fan, but dont get me wrong i thought she was a great actor and appeared to be a lovely lady, but when i heard the sad news about her passing, my heart sunk, i realised that i would never get to see her on doctor who ever again. and it made me think and realise that life is short and making the most of the good and bad thinsg that life throughs at you is very important to cherish every moment.

on a lighter note... today i met up with a young girl who happens to have the same first name,which isnt uncommon for me to befriend someone with the same name, it has been a normal occurance, i cant  think of a time in my life where there wasnt a jade i was friends with, anyway that stories for a different day, or at least a different blog.

today... we met up to discuss work - well at least that was my intention ! she took me on a little shopping trip and that was when the discussion that would make me think began.  
very much like the start of the blog our disscussion contained our outlook on life etc. and all that depressing stuff that goes along with it. today i realised the very reason i am friends with this lovely human and the reason why, much to my disgust i do need human beings in my life.

it might sound soppy but i feel like i am finally on the path to self discovery and by talking with intelligent and/or interesting people i feel like i am one step further on doing so. i realised how vital it is to have things in common and how lovely it is to have differences. its not only humans that i find so incredible but nature, and antic shops.the tree we sat under, and the picture i would upload with the blog if i knew how ha.was just beautuful and the lovely things we found in the shop. 

there was a negative end to my day that i will take as a postive and that was that it was over as my car ticket ran out , silly me for only putting three hours on my car.

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