Tuesday, 10 January 2012

sleep deprived

why am i still up at this horrific hour..when i will be getting up to face the next day so very soon!? but how can one sleep, when they cant and they have found themselves developed the habit of then being afraid to sleep.

how can one be afraid of sleep?i ask myself...maybe something like a teddy might make me feel better..but he's in the loft, for punishment! so moving on!
i thought that righting down how im feeling might allow me to understand the fear that i am feeling.. and yes i am feeling it but there is nothing to 'do' to resolve the issue other than to not 'think' which is near impossible. i figure the only reason we have trouble sleeping is the fact our brains dont fully switch off in our sleep, like our hearts, hopefully..fingers crossed!

as i sit here, tucked up in bed, i am wasting precious time 'sleeping' and if i dont get at least eight hours, i will be as grumpy as i was yesterday and trust me no one can handle that! not even me..and no amount of caffeine will be able to fix it! so i guess i better face the facts, act my age and feel the fear and switch off and sleep like a baby with a blankie..or not!