Friday, 10 June 2011

ive finally conquered a vampire?!

the book i started this time last year...

well i said it wouldnt be long before i blogged again and i come baring good news :)

last night i had an early night i started to continue reading my steven tyler book and then i realised my twilight book was sitting in my abandoned drawer two inches away from where i was sprawled... i dared to open the drawer to see exactly how much i had left remaining to read... to my amazement there were just two chapters.

i looked at my clock and set myself the task of finishing it before i feel asleep... my eyes were sore and itchy but i wanted to accomplish my fear of actually finishing a book... you see i hate things coming to an end and by finishing a book your letting a story end, which is obvious i guess. but i thought about the pros and cons and an hour later the book was closed and finished.

i didnt want to rush it and i guess an hour isnt classed as rushing ...but this is me and i was very tired.

Yay i have ticked one thing off my summer list... well kind of ...

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