Wednesday, 8 June 2011

my summer has started and with a ... list

its been a while since i last blogged and its taken me a while to think of something worthwhile to say...

so my summer 2011 has already started and i wanted to take advantage of all the free time i had to enjoy doing the things i dont get enough time to do during the academic year. i thought the best way to find the 'things' was to write a list... i do like lists they give me order and a chance to order them in importance. 

not a kids bike - whoops a daisy im a twerp

so anyway here is the list, that i guess could realistically be longer:

1. buy an adults bike with a basket, and ride it.
2. take tones of GOOD photos
3.keep a note of all the important and arty things that i do, much like a logbook/commonplace book - the time that i dont need to keep one i choose too ! ... well it makes sense to me
4. start new art projects
5. relax and stop worrying ... which is proving difficult
6. go on walks and adventures in the woods
7. picnics ... lots of them, with real lemonade
8. get healthy
9. educate myself with films... already watched about three - which is extremely impressive for me. books...and actually finish one (at least) ... biography's count right ?! I WILL FINISH TWILIGHT.

outside and picture time with jumper of L

11. listen to more music
12. spend time with more people
13. go to camden
14. go to my first festival
15. learn to play the guitar again
16. write my own song
17. sing ... wont be hard ( but i want to sing country)
18. not fear my birthday...
19.enjoy the sun and make the most of it

my summer tracks

... slight obsession with steven tyler...  he is an amazing artist

ive already started on many of the points and have been successful... the jumper of L is loving his adventures outside and requires a good de-wooding ....

now ive blogged again im sure it wont be long till im back on here ...whoops.

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  1. Go for it Jade - and be happy. Very proud of you. Lots of love, 'Auntie' Tiffany