Thursday, 12 May 2011

what does life mean ?

how do you feel when someone not close to you but still close enough, passes away ?

how should one feel ? how should one process it ?

i dont know anyone who wouldnt be affected by a death of someone they new. its sad ! and you feel sympathy for the loved ones left behind. the ones that have to continue on the journey of life without that person, that may have played a huge or tiny role in their lives.

it hard not to dwell on a situation like death, but by dwelling, you make yoruself feel guilty. so what shoudl you do ? ... there you are feeling sorry for yourself, when your the one still alive,. but for how long ? no one knows and each passing day you get closer to that day, but when someone dies it makes you feel like you must enjoy and make the most of each day. well thats what its like for me. well for a little while, until i forget. when too many days have  passed and ive  carried on living my life and i forget to apprieciate life.

many may ask. what is life ? and i guess no one can answer you that, and maybe you will never know !

i just think that it is important  to stop thinking too much and to enjoy what life  and appreciate the people that care about me/you and to stop caring so much for the people that dont. ( thats what is the hardest part for me, becuase i want to care about those people that arent part of my life, i get frustrated and annoyed that life is short, why cant the people you need in your life be there ?) a very naive opinion maybe. but one i am still tring to deal with.

now i didnt want this to be depressing, i wanted it to be a way to deal with a death.
and to make it known that where ever you are im thinking of you and your family and friends. rest in peace Adriene. x

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