Wednesday, 4 May 2011

the girl in the striped jumper.

 I have now started thinking of  the idea behind my 'art' project and i guess the only way i will find the direction i want to take it i need to just feel the fear and start it.

so that is what ive done.
here i have started with my pictures. that will then go into a massive collage of some kind with the mixture of paint etc.
 my story is of a girl on a journey of discovery... she starts as a  young girl,that  then becomes a young woman,.the most pure and free i thought i could display the journey was through natrure.

 now i wont make any promises...  it has been a few years since i have taken on a task of this scale and the pictures might make you think it wont be anything special, and who knows it could turn out a load of rubbish...

but im going to try my best and if anything i am proud enough of i will update you with on my blog :)

and the last few photos were just experiemental... but i thought they displayed  freedom of movement and expression.

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