Tuesday, 7 February 2012

to bed you go

Right, so I'm considering starting over my blog. I'm thinking of going in a new direction, trying something new!  I'm not sure why it wouldn't follow on from my previous posts, but its something that Ivie been thinking over.

I want my blog to actually tell the reader something about me! Rather than all this trollop! That splats on the page at night, when I'm too tired and yet too awake to even consider sleeping!

I think it ought to have more of my pictures or videos, Personality. Something that I've created, something I'd call ART!

But i recently nothing that I capture is good enough. Not for anyone else to see! I used to be proud of my pictures, but now I find myself trailing through millions and trillions of images that are to me pretty crap! I want to NO I need to start being better. And being Just Jade.

trying to capture something interesting, whilst out on my travels

I did say that recently my photos have been 'rubbish'

birds in flight - where are they going? and do they actually care where they end up?
So maybe putting this blog to bed is the best option...

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