Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 brought me..

so its the last day of 2011 and ive been thinking about what positive things this year has consisted of.. and i thought to recap would be a nice way to account all of the new things i have tried and/or experienced:
1) going to my first festival
2) meeting a lovely young lady who goes by the name of katy
3) managed to keep my driving more points
4) learnt that alcohol isnt all that its cracked up to be..
5) Christmas has taught me, that food really food isnt my thing
6) found a new love for the television series Leverage and the character Parker
7) became obsessed with gold and glitter..maybe im more girly than i thought
8) became more confident and am now starting to like myself cos im actually good at stuff
9) took some lovely photos ( if i do say myself)
10) found out more about who i am!
11) above all these wonderful things, i have become more intelligent because i have never stopped learning and trying new things

i tried to condense everything into 11 to mark the year!


trying new things

to be beside the seaside

meeting katy and lounge on the farm


chilling by the playhouse

kylie for the night

and not forgetting susan..
lets hope this year i achieve so much more!


  1. Very proud of you Jade, Hope 2012 will be all that you want it to be. Tiffany x

  2. An excellent year! Susan will be celebrating I am sure! Well done Goose, superb as always...
    need I say more?