Thursday, 18 August 2011

being nineteen

initially i dreaded turning another year older...i cant remember the last birthday i actually looked forward to ! ive never been one to want to hurry up and grow up - ive always liked being looked after.

but as i sat outside on my 'happy being born day' drinking my coffee in my pj's...looking up into a sky that looked pretty perfect i realised i felt different. you know when people ask 'oh do you feel different'...and  i never really got what they meant its not like you age a whole year physically over night. But i did i felt relieved !

 i had always thought that nineteen was a nothing age and therefore didnt really mean anything. not like when you turn eighteen and you can go out and drink and become completely responsible for your own actions, but at nineteen you can do just that but without any expectations because when you do turn eigteen everyone EXPECTS that of you. and actually maybe i like spending a Saturday evening in front of my telly with my family and not spending the whole of Sunday with a hang over,feeling like im dying. yeah i like to go out and dance the night away but sometimes i like the things that remind me of being a child and deciding what i want to do.

so yes i like being nineteen....for now at least

well apart from the fact that im poorly and its only my first official day. but i can ignore that if it doesnt last too long.

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